RIT Wall

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The RIT Wall is training device that can be used to assist firefighters in learning the proper procedures and techniques need to successfully breach a wall and reduce their profile in order to escape through a wall when faced with a May Day situation.

The unit can be used in conjunction with the TruForce Free-Standing Unit, and can also be set up in any doorway. The unit adjusts from a 30 inch to a 36 inch doorway, and can be set up in minutes without the use of any tools.

The unit is constructed of steel and sturdy heavy duty plastic 2 x 4 wall studs that are spaced 16 inches on center.

Drywall sheets can be slid into tracks on both sides of the unit and can be quickly and easily replaced. Romex and other types of wiring can also be installed in the unit to create an even greater challenge to the firefighter.

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