Door Crush/Skin Attachment

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The Door Crush/Skin Prop is an attachment to the Truforce Free-Standing Unit that is used to teach firefighters the proper procedures for forcing outward-opening commercial steel doors. This prop utilizes actual sections of commercial steel door slabs from 28 to 36 inches in width (provided by the user) that slide into the heavy duty steel frame and allows the user to gain realistic experience in crushing the door edge and overcoming the problems that arise when the door seam splits or “skins” during the forcible entry process.

This prop is constructed of heavy duty 2 inch box tubing. Because this prop is attached to the Truforce, it is extremely strong and extremely stable during use. In addition, holes can be drilled in the door slabs and carriage bolts inserted to simulate conditions found when encountering “drop bars” on commercial doors. These bolts can be cut with a forcible entry saw or driven through the door manually with techniques that utilize the pick of a Halligan and an axe.

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